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Part of two jazzy bands in Sofia and wandering when he will meet his gurus in music like Winton Marsalis, Troy Andrews and more...

The story of how I know Ali is a bit random. Met him on the Eagles Bridge bus stop in #sofia , after hearing him talk passionately about the right order of the music notes in a piece he was studying at the time.

@ali_mohamed7832 is part of the youth individualistic natural movement of Bulgaria.

He is also part of two funky bands here, Jupiter 7 and @brass.squad_

“Lyubomir Pipkov” is the only musical high school in Sofia and Ali is his graduate.

I’m curious to see how he develops in that direction! We will follow and note down the steps. In the meantime we will wait for some dates to come out for the concerts of his bands at places like @clubmixtape5


I met you on the street last year and heard you talking passionately about the notes from a song. What was that about?

I am a graduate of the National Music School "Lyubomir Pipkov" in Sofia. I have been playing the Trombone for four years now, studying classical music. Outside of school, I mainly engage with jazz, funk, and pop music.

Why am I doing this? Well, I feel it is my calling. Music captivates me so much that I can't imagine life without it. I’m always curious to discover new and intriguing musical works!

What is it that you envision developing in the new few years?

Well, at the moment we are developing quite well with these two groups mentioned above, and I think we will become more and more famous. (missing in the previous answer)

I want to apply in the Netherlands... Because it’s relatively close to me and at the same time provides quality education. On the other hand, I could also stay here, in Bulgaria, to study the same. But I'm still figuring it out. At the moment, I'm just going with the flow of the music, which makes it easier to believe in the impossible!

Regarding our country... Yes, education is not at the best level here, but wherever you go in the world, wherever you study, it depends solely on your desire and of course the work done!

In short, for me, this with the country is a relative issue.

Why did you choose the trombone?

The story behind this whole thing is actually quite interesting...

Before getting into the Music school, I was in an ordinary local school in my neighborhood, where no ordinary teachers were found... (In the best sense). Well, my teacher in Music was one of those extraordinary teachers who have the quality to notice and encourage children who have not stopped dreaming because what will happen if you lose the child within you… Well, then surely you wouldn’t be able to find meaning in anything, and you would be desperate, right? (or you simply wouldn’t care). This teacher knows how to believe in children!

Because of her, I started studying music. Mrs. Mitkova took me to the concert of the Open Doors at the Music School.

There, of course, they played the piano, violin, percussion instruments, etc... But when I heard the trombone performed by a very good friend of mine,

I was speechless, its sound, its appearance, I'm still talking about the instrument, of course... And I said to myself, this is my instrument!

What injects you with inspiration and vitality?

I try to enjoy life as much as I do music. As much as I love it, I strive to love myself! Life is the real inspiration...

Every real musician will say it, so we look at the older ones as musical geniuses!

Because they have experience in life, I thrive to do the same.

I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, going to the movies, in general, everything related to people who "warm" me. I adore them!

What are the names that strike your vibes to the roof?

I will start with Velislav Stoyanov. As a style and way of playing, this man is a walking trombone device...

Winton Marsalis (Trumpet)

I know, I know... I'm talking so much about the trombone and suddenly the trumpet…That's because, as I said at the beginning, I like to discover new things in music!

Troy Andrews, also known as Trombone Shorts. This is the person who can inspire you as he starts at the age of three.

The fact he started so early and so many years later he finds his break with a trombone, and the music he makes is so inspiring! He has played many times in the White House, world festivals, his own huge concerts! How could he not be your idol?!


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