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Plovdiv, Bulgaria 
In between 2020 and 2021 and the last hour. 

This is Rosa. Rosa was a volunteer in Plovdiv in 2020 and 2021. A period of my life that is very dear to me. I find myself (1) in Bulgaria after living in England for nearly 10 years. The journey began (2) half way in Sofia and half way in Plovdiv.

And because there was a split (3) between those two towns it actually felt like having a nice life.

I guess this is an option for a good life too?


Rosa is Spanish, open minded, passionate girl back then and I could believe a passionate woman now. She was also (4) somewhere in between (5) in her life. Spain was in LOCK DOWN, Bulgaria wasn't; new country for her, having mixed feelings about what is happening in the world at this moment. This image is taken with a Fuji camera - sadly I lost this camera. It took lovely times, memories, street situations AND people's faces. This is something I really enjoy, taking a framed moments of the people. Somehow portraits like this happen after a while after, (6) after getting to know the people a bit. And somewhere (  ) between the moments of interactions, moods, some time spend in talking about life or an interesting day, there it is! The perfect mood, the perfect New Years Eve in the new intriguing town Plovdiv, the volunteer Rosa, the authentic glass with two measured sips of Rakia, a picture is taken. Add the consent from Rosa, when asked if she wants a portrait and there you go, you ended up with a 10 minute portrait session.


Why all of this matters?

I don't know.

It seems that somewhere (7) in between everything and everything I have remembered the details and the emotions behind or in front of this digital copy of a moment.

Thank you, Rosa. It is still a pleasure in times of other between states of living.



Viktoria Staykova is a graphic Designer & Bookmaker based in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

Co-owner and founder of AVRTKLE Design Book Shop in Sofia, collects interesting covers at @sf_bookcovers and a lover of books and all things visual.

Shot session with her led to bold visual expression.