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Another week... #notanotherboy with @kosio._ or @kosio_

We know Kosio from #plovdiv and around some work done for @smokinya_foundation, youth organization supporting youngsters wanting to go abroad or come to Bulgaria for exchange programs.

Kosio has ideas and is a participant in all sorts of activities involving #volunteering .

Much more mature then his age Kosio can share information about local projects both in #plovdiv and #dobrich, how to develop your analog films and encourage you to follow an idea that was in your head. Simply a #supportive individual.

Total #coffee freak with finished professional training for baristas @dabovspecialtycoffee and currently working for @the_family_coffee_roasters_ again in #plovdiv.

Let's see what he shared about all of that below.


Portrait done by

Text Edit: Maria Sophadzhieva

Why activism is attractive to you and being part of something bigger than you?

Since my early age I loved helping people and various things. That’s how I was brought up. Participating in volunteering organizations and projects has always attracted me for many reasons. One of the main ones is that I feel hellishly happy when I see people coming together for a good cause. This concept allows me to feel that there is faith in the future.

You always have distinct and original thoughts. And we often talk about the activities that can be done here in BG. If you could realize one of those ideas, which one would it be?

Small things I would like firstly the people to see beyond their noses. I want us to be politer, more human, and with less ego. Such things. Otherwise, one of my modest dreams is to continue the work of a person I love very much. This is Nelly Kartalova from Dobrich, who was the coordinator of the Helping Hand Foundation, through which I got acquainted with volunteering. I want to return to Dobrich and be socially active there. I want to do it my way. I want to impetus young people. Motivate them to spend their energy on meaningful things.

With that said let’s jump to the education. Yours is related to teaching. Why did you choose that BA level?

Everything started when I started volunteering. There I discovered I like training young people. You feel that you are doing something significant and you have the opportunity to influence the younger generations in a good way. Young people get influenced by their surroundings and the people around them. Those are definitive for the development of a person. I consider the teaching profession to be one of the best ways to change the world around me. To set a good example for the future. I don't think we live in a good society, for the most part, so I'm trying to change things in that way.

Ideas. What is this for you? Where does it come from?

For me any idea comes entirely from the essence of man. For me, they are a consequence of your thoughts and cognitions. I personally believe it is from space. On the other hand, everyone unconsciously imitates something they have seen somewhere. I try to do things I haven't seen before, or if I have I try doing them differently. Have some thoughtful projects in my head. One of them is related to same-sex relationships. I want to take a series of photos that radiate love, passion, feelings. This is not done here as yet.

Analog photography? Do share why?

Well, I've never liked to shoot, I've always considered it a waste of a "moment" and this is due to the time we live in, where photography is mostly a derivative of social media and the ego in general. I prefer to shoot with my eyes. Russian camera called Change was the first one I have handled. Shot a roll with it and after seeing the results, I got lost in the magic of analog photography. That’s all. Mostly shooting B&W films, learning about the mechanics of cameras, how to develop my own films and actually doing it from time to time.


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