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@vladiy.g is a student at #nationalartsacademy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

After a short pre-conversation with her we kept getting hyped up on what young people can do here and in general. Accommodating our desires and ambitions currently is quite hard, especially when the world and the society have gone a bit mad with COVID19.

Vladiy is bright and aware young woman. She wants to follow her #voice and #style. It is needless to say how much we value this! It’s a @story_tap #value.

Vladiy have tried pretty much most photography and design courses in Sofia and has assisted a few big names in the industry. Currently working for a creative agency and wants to pursue the art photography directive, professionally. How? We are yet to find out!


Straight to point one - the Art academy in Sofia. Would you share what’s on your chest with us? The national Arts Academy is a place where I can find inspiration. There, freedom is possible for my ideas and I communicate with other artists, teachers & students. It’s a place in which I’m able to explore all my ideas, while getting support from the teachers in the process. The environment itself is great! There are other people like me with similar interests and desires who want to create and achieve their creative goals. What I get as an education there is priceless. Here I build myself as an artist and as a person, with a new perspective for art, and with one eye I seem to be able to recognize what is really good. Finding work and what is it that you face in the process? It is difficult to find work here, especially in the field of arts. Coming across decent people with whom you can cooperate well in a work dynamic, is also a struggle. The ratio work : candidates is not equal and that’s becoming an obstacle. There are a lot of people with graphic design education, but very few of them really have a keen sense or view of things. The case with Photography is the same. If not more so. Professionals working with bigger brands are only a few. In order to grow the art market here or sustain opportunities what do you think we should do? Most internships vary between 3 to 6 months and are not paid, and this totally demotivates you to work. People here are a little more special, kind of stingy. They have knowledge, that ideally one would strive to pass on to their interns, to give them a hand. Instead, I find they actually distance themselves and keep their experience because they are afraid that someone will accidentally take away their craft. Art should have no such boundaries. We just have to help each other. I’m really hoping this will change. Those who want to develop art practices, I would advise to work hard, don’t give up despite everything negative. It is extremely important to go out there and meet people. They might expose you to the right opportunities. This teaches you how to handle situations and learn to communicate well, expressing what you want. From there, things will happen step by step. Fine art photography is your potential goal. What you can do to achieve it from where you are at the moment. Yes, I would love to do art photography. It is unusual and different. There’s a huge variety of foreign photographers, sites, Instagram profiles, and courses, from which one can borrow perspective, and try to break through his own when creating an idea. I’d like to know why street photography is a passion for you as a women? Street photography is something very special to me. Every photographer, getting involved with this discipline, has started with street photography. It educates the eye in composition, light, and the capturing of a moment. What I like most about it is that it gives me a lot of creative freedom. There are no frames on the street to restrict you. (Except, shooting people). The most distinctive feature of my style is the clean and simple image, which has no processing, only natural light. Most often I look for an intertwining of lights and shadows, specific contrasts, and of course the story behind it.


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