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Silvia is young looking women, who I met at one workshop in 2021 organized by IMAGINATIVECC - Choreographic Center based here in Sofia, Bulgaria and working across cities.

I was mostly amazed how and what she presented at the workshop. And it inspired me to wanna go on stage and join her free style movements and concept. Here you can find some information on her performances so far! And check out the IMAGINATIVECC

page for more information on the workshops they do. they are getting funding and the organization is on point!

A really short interview with some highlights around her are below. I wish the conversation was a bit longer and live, but maybe soon if a podcast in some sort of a form shapes I will be able to ask more questions and expand the topics around dancing.

Silvia's new film BREAKOFF, is a short film about the story of a student at the High School for Stonemasonry in the village of Kounino, Vratsa, Bulgaria. You can see at the premiere at the Cinema House on February 3, 2022 at 19:00.

BREAKOFF Trailer below.




As an artist who is at the beginning of dancing, what advice would you give to people in Bulgaria who do not find much inspiration or security in themselves when they want to start (in this case) dancing?

I will answer you with the first two lines of " A Choreographer's Handbook" by the great Jonathan Burroughs :

Let us begin with the idea that you know how to dance. Training is only sometimes a bonus.

Where are you based and how did you get to Costa, BECOMING, photos from a short film and everything else?

I have been in Bulgaria for a year and a half, but before that I lived in England for seven years, where I studied and worked various things and I had the great opportunity to complete a master's degree in contemporary dance at the London Contemporary Dance School.

One of the modules of the course was the creation of a dance film and then for the first time I learned about the genre, which immediately grabbed me because it combines visual (previously graduated architecture) and motor arts and gives both a lot of freedom and technical framework, with which I am interested in working on.

During my master's degree, I met Stephanie, who also studied there, and who is actually the engine of the BECOMING project. And Costa and I are classmates from high school, but in the process it turned out that he also works with Stephanie on dance projects and so the three of us turned into this one.

What are you doing at the moment and what do you want us to know about your current work?

We are currently in the initial phase of the new year of the Focus Cinema Dance training program, which we are working on again with Stephanie, Costa and the team of the Man with a Hat Foundation.

Her idea is to give young artists the opportunity to study in detail the technical and creative aspects of the genre, to meet many professionals from the world stage and to make their first films.

In another project with the artists Ivo Dimitrov and Zornitsa Stoyanova we formed PIK - Platform for improvisation and composition, which aims to develop the genre of performative improvisation in Bulgaria - this is a kind of performance in which everything develops and happens at the moment - something like impro theater, but more mobile. Performances and trainings are forthcoming there.

I also move on to different personal things - I'm working on developing the film BREAKOFF into a longer documentary about the Stone School and I'm in the early stages of a stage work that mixes performance, circus and motion theater - I hope there will be more soon.

In your VIMEO account I can see you make videos and have participated in other projects. Do you want to share a little about them what you have managed to gather as knowledge and experience? I know the question is a bit broad!

It is very nice to find a team with which you get along creatively, in life and in business. I am lucky to be in Sofia in an environment where my close friends are also involved in various types of art and we have the opportunity to work together. In this work with films it is very difficult to do everything yourself, in the beginning I tried, but you are always limited only to your own resources, time, mental stability. It is good to relax a little the need to control everything and open the process to teamwork, surprises appear and you learn new things.


You can learn and find more about this artist here:


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