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Maria Vitanova also know on IG as @_govori.mi is in her early 20’s, Bulgarian, studying in Germany and making things happen for herself and others. We are impressed by her mind and approach to life. Bright and engaged in the development of the theatre scene in Bulgaria. Participant @sfumato1989 , performed @imaginativecc last week and created a few workshops this summer (2021) related to body movement.

Rather then proving wrong those who think Bulgaria is still stiff in terms of creativity and active change in the art scene, I would encourage those who are curious about it to check out this read and follow this youngster for more info on her work and life.


We will surely see you around, but share who you are and what you do.

I'm Maria and asking me who am I is a very bad approach to starting a conversation with me. All I do is think about it. Among other things, I'm a philosopher... or at least I'm studying that. I also study theater studies. Both at the Freie Universität, Berlin. Alongside the theoretical, I try to deal with performance as tangibly, practically, and physically as possible. This leads me more and more towards forms of physical theater and improvisation.

But what draws me in everything I do is curiosity about the humankind and life, and a desire to feel and develop as a conscious creator.

Bulgaria - You - Berlin. What is this and how is it?

In fact, since I left, I wish I wasn't one of those people who just go abroad to study and then come back right away.

I thought I would need a lot more time to take some valuable things for myself. I wanted to start living completely and fully before I went back… BUT… ha… it turned out I started making this parallel very early. Study in Berlin - come back to Bulgaria and put things into practice, here.

I did this consciously because I have a clear goal. Come back to do theater, performance, and community building, HERE.

I think it makes sense here. This work needs to be done and I feel somehow capable, inspired, and motivated to do it!

Is there time, space, and opportunity for development HERE?

In my opinion, there is space and opportunity for development absolutely everywhere and what I am looking for is rather where this development makes sense. It seems to me that where there are the fewest platforms of this type - it is there that makes the most sense for them to be developed. That's why in the beginning I thought that in Bulgaria there is a vacuum for performance and theater. I don't agree anymore, because the more I do it here, the more I see how many people are actually trying to do things. There are, there are things. Things are moving towards greater visibility and consolidation of the stage.

Whose responsibility is this?

To the people who have a desire to create.

I think… this is a big discussion!

My position is: if you feel capable of doing something, then you are almost obliged to do it. I feel like when a person has the inspiration and ability to do something, it also comes with a responsibility for it.

How do you build a bridge between here and there?

The way is as follows - I study and go to courses there, organize workshops and make things happen here. For example, there I take courses in physical theater, contact, and improvisation and bring this or part of it here. Bent through my free prism. I feel that I have this freedom in Bulgaria.

Why don’t you have it there?

Because it is very oversaturated. There are people out there who do many things, in many different ways, and each through their own prism. Here I am already part of a community. It is easier to meet like-minded people.

Your practice so far?

I've always known that I want to create things that I'm not sure of what they will become or are. I gave myself an ultimatum 3 years ago. I was a volunteer at SFUMATO and I said to myself that I want to be there as a participant after those 3 years passed. And so, the Intimacy

Workshop happened, and then both parts of the Body Stories workshop.

The first step is small but significant. We have our impulses. I mean, the things we want to happen, we know we want to happen. What will happen if we allow ourselves this pleasure - to do the things we love?

What do you say to yourself when in doubt?

Doubting yourself and your own abilities will not stop. I can act despite the doubt. It is easy and cosy to listen to the doubt. It tells you to stay where you are. And the action requires a little arguing with that voice.

Through movement, I help and move this feeling throughout my body and turn it into energy.

How would you end this conversation?

Thank you. I am grateful!


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