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Location image, TAM + SocialTeaHouse


In the article VT will stand for Veliko Tarnovo and TAM + SocialTeaHouse - the organization focus.

Veliko Tarnovo is a one of the main cities in Bulgaria, in terms of work opportunities, national cultural heritage and I should also say in its social development.

This article will be focused on one organization called with the funky name TAM + SocialTeaHouse – TAM in Bulgarian means THERE. Here you go, you just learned one new word in Bulgarian.

I am focusing on this organization as it is involved and inspiring the social life in VT. With its nearly 70, 000 citizens VT is slowly, but steadily growing its new culture and social audience. What do I mean, by that?

Well, VT is an old city in Bulgaria, similar in vibes to Plovdiv. In the past the city has been accommodating and nurturing some of its finest artists from the last century (20th) and cultural activists. Currently TAM is a place that is actively ‘’consuming’’ similar initiative.

Or as one of the team members summarized it, TAM is a space for culture and social initiatives, motivated to bring the current and the new habitants of the city into one inclusive place.


Side note: For those who are interested, there are two ways to get to Veliko Tarnovo if you don’t have a car – via train (my personal favorite) or with the bus. The bus is twice as expensive; hence the train is a better option for those that have set up budgets.


First things first!

Location: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Velcho Dzhamdzhiyata 16, Old Center, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Name: TaM+SocialTeaHouse
Activity: Bar and Art Space, holding a variety of cultural events
Interview: Miroslava Popova & Denitsa Milusheva, the female part of the main team behind TaM+SocialTeaHouse share the story of the organization, their values and why they do what they do.


Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. Images from the old town.

Their history in short

I am happy to have been able to have a conversation with the fresh members of TAM team, Mira and Denitsa, and learn more about the place and activities of the organization. Very hospitable and open-minded ladies. We did record our conversation and you can listen to the recording in Bulgarian, if you are interested over here on YouTube PART I & PART II.

TAM has been on the map for more then 10 years.

It used to be a bar where a self-formed crowd spends time and is accommodating events with varies topics. The change had come after the pandemic, similarly to a few other orgs in the country.

The team did their research, signed up for a educational program that was able to guide and lead them into discovering their motivations for future endeavors/vision and how they can be more inclusive. This wasn’t just a regular program, because it took them on a road of change in understanding what is the larger ideal for them and most importantly how to realize it and be present in the process.

Big part of the direction also was influenced by what the community needed and wanted to see as a change. According to the team the whole process was natural and very useful for them when they wanted to find a clearer vision.

Here is a link with the research that was done. Amazingly the study is in English!

This might be helpful to those interested in the facts (but don't limit yourself, it is an interesting read!).


Images from TAM +SocialTeaHouse - JULY, 2022

The main factors

The main factors and I believe lucky strike(s) of this place are:

The team has an inclusive mind set & warm welcoming nature

If you live in the city and in particular in the old part of the city (that can be your spot to hand out, work and so on) and are interested into creating an event, initiative, one-time quiz, movie night and so on, TAM +SocialTeaHouse is the place for you! The team is not a team of professionals looking to reach targets. They are a team of citizens wanting to bring a vibrant, bright new beginning for the social atmosphere in the city and its value.

Plus, if you are unsure of how to go about what you want to do, then they will be happy to give you a hand with brain storm, ideas & help you plan.

The location

Location is gold sometimes! So, after the end of the program, they decided to look for a more accessible location and space for the new hub. They of course found the perfect match! Maybe because they do what they do with their hearts :)!

The location is an ex cultural center that was once in the 20th century the spot for cultural activists and of course a place to have a drink. It is located in the old town, on the main street, just off the busy restaurant area. An important fact I should mention here is that the funds for the makeover and the building work that was done, was a collective and collaborative effort. A fund raise (see more information) was created that brought not only material generosity from the community, but also many friends, citizens and new comers helped out with the work, expecting no money or something else in return. I should say this is a sign for compassion and a pure desire to help, build, create & maintain a space for everyone! I mean, that is JUST LOVELY! The space has gone through a massive make over! See some images provided by TAM team.


Before/ Images provided by TAM +SocielTeaHouse


After/ TAM+ SocielTeaHouse


This isn’t a question, but rather a statement. What I really, really liked about the organization and in general the feeling that stayed with me after the visit was:


I was left feeling included even though I do not live in the city and I am not part of the social circle there.


If you need it – funny enough the team shared that they even receive at least one request per month from foreigners, asking what’s the best way to go about finding a house or flat to buy. The property agencies shouldn’t take this personally!


In Sofia and Plovdiv, we have plenty of mini societies according to your needs, interests and likes of lifestyle. At Tam+SocialTeaHouse offers and opportunity for those varies interests and desires to come together. If you like particular sort of music, two of your friends like chilled evenings out and want to calmly socialize, then you can find a day of the week that has this mixed up at Tam+SocialTeaHouse.


Movie nights in a cosy garden – check

Location part of a big and first of its sort Festival (Varusha South) – check and check it out

Location for Artist Residence – check

Thoughtful and beautiful event space – check

Good bear with local specials (of the beer I mean) – check

Social gatherings or space for language teaching – check

Team that cares about where they are headed and curious to hear your voice, provide space and time for it – BIG CHECK!


I mean if you have a question about real estate, want to know what is life like in Veliko Tarnovo, where can you go for a yoga class, is there a place with alternative milk and so on, it would be a great idea to check what events TAM have organized and just pop in for a chat and some socials.

And I can keep going…


Link to the Atelier Indzhova Angelov (AI Atelier) - The architects, who helped the make over of the new location of TAM.

Link to the Fund Raise, TAM have initiated!


This article, trip and publication are supported by the National Culture Fund, 2022

Best way to get in touch is via Facebook or Instagram direct messages.

Enjoy your time @ TAM +SocialTeaHouse and Veliko Tarnovo!

Teddy :)


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