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In 2020, I came back from UK and started living in Sofia, Bulgaria, where I am originally from. It was a bit difficult for me to understand what is going on in the city, where are the good places, is there cultural life, would it be easy to find international places to hang out, find friends and so on. 

A year later I started the blog as a way to find and talk to people, as well as interview them This was and is my way to get to know the cities and the life in Bulgaria. 

So that is my TAP of the story!

What is yours?



The mission? The mission is travel, meet artists, visit places and tell the stories in text, photographs and videos. So maybe when you want to find out what and who is around in Bulgaria you can find that out at Story Tap. 


To spread information and visuals about the life and work of Bulgarian creatives and spaces in Bulgaria. 

It is that simple! 

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